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Charity Film Making

Hello Readers,

I wanted today to talk about our time with PARCS (Portsmouth Abuse and Rape crisis charity)and the process of film making and workshops designing.  We started this journey, with what seems like years ago!  That's because it was. It began in 2017 I think I've not done the rigour checking any way back to the post. We began with volunteering our time and services working with another Portsmouth based company of students at the time Familiar stranger, with a film they had worked on for a while before then. We were recommended by a mutual party. This was to create a film centred around consents for young adults. It went as expected our company mainly focused on acting and in meetings only really had minimal effects on the creation primarily being advisory. The final project was something special a film that focused on consents set in a single location that used primarily normalised techniques to tell a localised story. For use in outreach workshops. PERFECT. Something…
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Overcoming Cruella - Mental Health Awareness week

Dear reader,

For a long time I have been wanting to write a auto-biographical self help book for anorexia nervosa, but have never really had the nerve to do it - i'm a pretty shy, reserved person (making everyone all the more astonished when I say i'm in the theatre industry), but I really don't share anything personal - ever. I'm a listener, an observer, some key traits to have when you love acting, but yesterday Stevie reminded me that is it mental health awareness week 13th-19th May, 'of course it is!' I said 'What's the main topic?', 'Body image' Stevie smugged knowing my history, 'this would be a really nice time for you to share your story'. I looked into his brown, completely unreadable eyes and couldn't help but agree, a good 5 minutes later I said 'Okay, i'll do it. But it's a books length, not a blog', 'Do it as an ongoing blog then', 'oh... good idea. Does it need to be the same day each wee…

10 years on...

Hello, What-Ho and Sup.

It’s been a while since I have had the time or the inspiration to write a Blog. My hat is off to all of those who can do it weekly or even monthly. However I was spurred into writing a Blog today as I realised something quite special, 10 years ago this year, around this time, I performed in my first Shakespeare play.  A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Introduced, as I am sure most of us were, to Shakespeare in English, I had at first a rocky relationship with him. Please, English teachers, please do not tell students something is a classic and therefore we must be in awe because it’s lasted through the years. So has hunger, poverty and disease, and we’re not in raptures over those timeless classics.
“Romeo and Juliet is the greatest love story of all time and speaks to people of your age!” The 40year old English teacher assured us. I mean killing yourself for a boy - Yuck! - Or at least, if not yuck then - why? I have a brother, I knew boys were nothing special and one w…

3 months of being theatre mum

I kept to my word... here is a blog after 3 months of being a theatre mum! I was doubtful I'd keep this up!

Our beautiful daughter was born 29th Dec 2018 and she has brought with her a ridiculous amount of happiness. Being a mum really is the best thing in the world. Maternity lasted about 2 weeks (Stevie did all the cooking - it was amazing, now I know he can cook!) But Stand Tall Theatre kicked off in a big way from January 2019 and I simply couldn't not do it... but my caveat was Aurora comes with me as much as possible. She has been to meetings, rehearsals, filming days, artist exchanges and even university (she's starting young!). A lot of guilt comes with working whilst she is so young and it's honestly taken me a little while to accept that it's okay - I'm self-employed in the theatre industry of all things, and that is hard! But my successes will make sure she is always safe, fed and have lots of toys!
When Stevie and I co-founded Stand Tall Theatre in …

Swapping Stage for Screen

Hello, Poppy here!
FILM. Almost Alien to a Stage actor like myself. However I've jumped into the world of film making and I'm going to give you my top 3 tips for a stage actor who wants to transfer to film.

I've wanted to build on my screen work ever since my first introduction workshop in 2011, in partnership with It's My Shout, in Wales. I was terrible. I walked in front of the camera and heard a collective sucking-in of air between the teeth. 
"You've done a lot of stage work haven't you?" I would have seen this as a compliment, as I was still young and only had a few lead roles, on the Theatre Brycheiniog stage, under my belt... If it hadn't have been for the teeth sucking. I swiftly took a step or two out of shot and proceeded to listen, hungrily, to all the advice coming my way. Having always prided myself on my ability to take direction on stage, I hoped that it would transpose into my screen work. Taking a deep breath, I dived once more in fro…

Real Monsters- By Toby Allen ZestyDoesThings

Some Great Monsters all focused on Mental Health By Zesty Does things great work here. Really accessible and inspired artwork.

Support them at

Book Eating for Kids

New Productions Incoming!  As part of Babylon arts in Cambridge Appearing in Wisbech Library  For more information please see the Brochure for the LIbrary presents. Come join us in March for this fun-filled performance workshop!