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National Youth Theatre - Audition Tips

Happy New Year!
Circle time, big group of people all nervous, some more so than others. A few have been here before, a few might recognise each other. One things for sure - no one knows everyone’s name. The best way to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable is to play a get-to-know everyone game. My experience with the National Youth Theatre (NYT) as an auditionee and an ambassador at auditions, is you can never quite tell which game they’ll play. All you can count on is they’ll be fun, loud and inclusive. With NYT auditions coming up all over the UK for their 2019 courses, I thought I’d share a little inside knowledge and tips if you’re planning on booking an audition this year. Balls of Fury: go around the circle and say your name (twice round is better) then introduce a ball. Make eye-contact with someone - whose name you remember - say the name as you throw the ball, (hopefully they catch the ball) they’ll then make eye-contact with someone else, say someone else’s name and thr…
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Goodbye 2018!

What-Ho! Thought I'd log in for one last 2018 blog, it's good to look back and appreciate how far you've come, also what obstacles you've had to overcome in order to get there. Here’s my look back at 2018.
Last New Year’s Eve I was jumping off a boat in Dubai with my gorgeous mum and sisters, (too fabulous, I know). Jumping into 2018! Ending 2017 with friends, laughter and new experiences. I am pleased to say that, despite a rocky beginning, we have been able to continue these themes right up to the end of 2018.
The beginning of the year saw me back on stage, for the premiere of Schizophrenia, now called Schism of the Mind. When the beast from the east called, I had moved out of London and into Aylesbury… not the best move I could have made.
Spring saw me move out of that negative atmosphere, and into Portsmouth! My housemates are wonderful, funny and a brutal (but its OK Ross says it is character building). Stand Tall is my rock and centre.  Carley has become my closest, m…

Girls Cinema Trip

Hello! Poppy here, 
It's that time of year, the colder nights, Christmas lights, people arguing whether it's too soon to be singing Christmas songs and watching Christmas Films. Personally I believe it's too soon for the songs but bring on the films! I find they really set the tone for the holidays, whether you're a classic Christmas film lover - Little Women, or prefer funny Holiday films - How the Grinch stole Christmas, if you prefer the Musical - Muppet Christmas Carol, or the action based - Die Hard. There's a Christmas film for everyone.

On Thursday Carley and I ventured to Reel Cinemas, to check out the latest addition to the Christmas Watch List, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. I had already kicked off my Christmas films season with the new Grinch film, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as an evil-loving social outcast. The new take on that story was heartwarming and Carley and I were hoping that the same could be said for the new Nutcracker film.

The Nutc…

3 Family Friendly Things to do this Christmas (2018)

Family fun this Christmas! Hi, Stevie here,

Wanted to showcase some of the family fun that can be had in this festive season.

We love wintering up (covering face,  hands and everything else with layers upon layers) and then heading outside with the family to do things which involve people and places. Or sometimes just sit around the old Switch and Playstation and play some family-friendly games like Red Dead Redemptions 2, Let go Eevee Pokemon, and Smash Brothers. But when the powers cut and we are made to head into the chill, we like to have family fun and here's a list full of things we think look pretty lovely.

Hampshire is full of fun activities this time of year and we want to share some of the cool things around us so here we go.
Dickens Christmas Festival That rights, celebrate the festive season with magical immersive experience and stalls of things to either look at longly or purchase till your heart's content!  Having been apart of the Victorian festival last year we …

Blogging as Art

How does theatre reach people?

Hello, Stevie here,

Not a big post today just something to consider. As Stand Tall has neared the end of a variety of commissions working with four distinct audiences requiring their own approach and understanding.  I kept wondering the question how does theatre reach people?

And can the art make a difference?

My answer is yes art makes a difference and theatre reaches people through every day you will find your own answers to this and mine might change.  But as I speak with different organizations and people I get the feeling they look at theatre in a very narrow lens thinking of it as entertainment, or in certain fields only as relevant as the number of audience members attending. Something I don't think I like. I prefer when the theatre is a forum for voices to be heard, something that allows the art to empower people, affect people and be a catalyst for change. I could name hundreds of artists (theatre makers) who have achieved this. But to what feels like the vast majority th…

Remembrance Day

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening.
I'd just like to use my little platform to say a little about remembrance, its importance and also my favouirte play and poem about the war. 
Having grown up in an army family, with the name Poppy, Remembrance Day has always had strong connotations for me. At school the less charming pupils would try and make the 'Poppy Appeal' about shaming, me mostly, ‘Poppy needs charity’ (hilarious). Whereas the more charming and intelligent pupils would realise that the connection was something to be proud of, and would point out my 'Mini-Me', that 'Poppy is wearing a Poppy' and asking 'Whose wearing who?' I, not so secretly, here these comments with pride.
The more I think about it, the more I realise that empathy is fundamental for an actor. Being able to put yourself in someone else's shoes and feel what they're feeling is, in a way, the core of what we do. Before I could never quite put my finger on why I always cry o…